Tuesday, February 20, 2007

In the Shadows

From a darkened door nearby, a small metal eye focused on the three men leaving the newcomer's room. The eye, attached to a silent, hovering surveillance droid, watched as two of them dragged the third away, a small trail of red following the downed man's face.

Its black steel iris opened and closed, taking several pictures for its hidden master, transmitting each one along a private channel as untraceable as it was unstoppable. Even down here, surrounded by iron-laden stone and privacy fields, the droid could get its messages through to its controller. It helped that the signal was not going very far; it only had to beam data a few hundred yards.

There, in a solitary dormitory room, someone looked over the images with growing interest. "Well, that's not going to please the big idiot's controllers one bit." Touching the screen with one gloved hand, the shadowed man moved back to a picture of the newcomer standing in the door of his room.

A shrouded finger traced Wraith's outline, tapping the screen as he pondered. "There's something about you, bounty hunter. Something familiar."

A chime interrupted the man's musings. He quickly pushed his spy droid's Return button and shut down his monitors. "Come in."

The door opened to reveal a man dressed in a crimson flight suit and a weather-beaten dewback hide duster. "Come on, Narr. We got a job; time to go spread the good word!" He didn't wait for a response before running off down the hall towards the complex' underground hanger.

The figure turned in his chair, rising and reaching for the jacket of his combat thinsuit. Wraith, and the questions the newcomer posed, would have to wait...

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Tarek said...

*blink, blink*
Neat. Also, unexpected. I sense the will of the Force in this... :)