Thursday, January 11, 2007

<--- Minor Edit --->

Just to let you all know, Jeht's sheet has been edited to add the missing Knowledge ranks in Jedi Lore. Damn I hate getting caught. :)



Tarek said...

No worries here. After all, even with an automated sheet like this, I still find myself missing things and misinterpreting things. For the longest time, I thought that "Low Profile" subtracted 2 from Reputation, when it actually only subtracts 2 from reputation checks.

And I completely missed the fact that if constitution improves, the added vitality isn't retroactive.

Erisraven said...

Hey, I never get the math right. Don't sweat it.

Tarek said...

And really, the only reason I noticed the Jedi Lore was missing was because I'd recently spent a couple of hours trying to figure out how much a typical Padawan/Knight/Master should have.

The minimum for Jedi Master seems to be 6... :)
A typical Padawan has 3-4.

These are all very informal requirements, though.

August said...


Math is hard.


Anonymous said...

How does he have 26 Dex?
If he put an 18 in it at level 1, +2 from his race, and added 1 point at every 4 levels, he should have a 24 dex score