Wednesday, November 29, 2006

<--- Stats: Darrus Jeht's Race --->

I've been asked to post stats and while I am still digging for Jeht's original character sheet and his subsequent leveled version, this is something to tide you all over:

Darrus Jeht's as-of-yet Unnamed Race (Star Wars d20)
Little is known of Darrus' people, especially by Master Jeht himself. He knows only what was told to him by his adoptive mentor and what little he waws able to glean out of the Jedi Archives during his time on Coruscant. Biological tests have shown a genetic tendency towards agility and lower gravity survivability, while multiple adaptations seem designed for a race evolved from night-hunting predators relying on speed over brawn.

"Jeht's" Species Traits (Near human)
+2 Dexterity, -2 Strength. Adapted to swift, subtle movements, Jeht's species does not possess the muscle mass to excel at contests of strength.
Medium-size. As Medium-size creatures, this race has no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Base speed is 12 meters. The race's talent for speed shows in their slightly enhanced movement rate. This speed comes from an optimized physiology and serves as a constant base rate.

Darkvision, 120 feet.

All members of this species gains the Improved Initiative feat for free.

Hyper-sensitivity: This species has extremely well-developed nervous systems. This accounts for their grace and reaction speeds but also comes with a number of drawbacks. They are automatically dazzled in lighting conditions of moderate brightness or higher. They must also make a Fortitude saving through when taking wound damage. DC for this save is 10+the damage taken. Failure leaves the PC fatigued from acute pain until the damage is healed.

+2 species bonus to Move Silently, Jump, Balance, and Tumble. Acrobatic by nature, this species is graceful in every aspect of physical motion.
-2 species penalty to Survival. Their lack of muscle and bone density makes it difficult for this race to thrive under adverse conditions.
Automatic Languages: Basic


August said...

It should be noted that Darrus usually overcomes his visual handicap by means of special polarized glasses that limit his darkvision to 30 feet but prevents the dazzle effect.

It should also be noted that he does not currently have them. :(

Zay said...

Must know more! Your writing is truely infectious.