Monday, November 27, 2006

*** Quick Note ***

If those of you viewing the site would please drop a quick comment when you do so, I'd appreciate it. I am trying to determine my traffic volume and there's no other good way to do that with Blogger.

Just let me know if you like the work, if you hate it, which soda's your favorite, your zodiac sign, whatever. :)



Erisraven said...

Yes, sir. comment posted.

1) LOVE the work. Duh.
2) Dr. Pepper or (Canadian) Coke.
3) Cancer. I'm always crabby. :)

Anonymous said...

Comment posted. :-)

Thanks, August - well done!

Zay said...

I hate that I can't have it all right now ;) I love it otherwise, as you know.

Rootbeer trumps all.

Capricorn! Goatfish for the win.

JeremLars said...

Stopping by daily to read the updates. Excellent story, but now I can't wait to hear the backstory of how Jhet receved the holocron and what he (eventually) does with!

Used to be Mt.Dew but now it's Vault...

Aaron said...

August.. Its great to see you publishing again. I just found your blog and I'm glad.