Monday, November 20, 2006

***That's Right!***

I'm posting again.

All authors suffer a period of burnout. Mine's just lasted a lot longer than I'd imagined it would.

The adventures of Darrus Jeht are far from over. Though the Living Force campaign has ended and with it the LucasFilm sanction for Jeht's escapades, he can and will continue as a fan-fiction icon near and dear to my heart.

So sit back, strap yourselves in, and prepare for the jump to lightspeed.

The tales contained in the bloodshard holocron have only just begun.

Where the Living Force ends, the story of its most famous, ill-fated Jedi begins...



Erisraven said...

All right! I've been eager for more, and I'm glad to see your mind is working on this again. Interesting post, and I assume 'Reflections' is a preliminary to continuing the story?

August said...

That is correct.

Think of Reflections as a sort of stream of conscious in the vaccuum of time.

More will be forthcoming.