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The Bloodshard Holocron - The Emperor's Dark Gift

The Bloodshard Holocron is a Sith artifact given into Darrus' keeping by his one-time mentor and friend Palpatine of Naboo. The one-foot tall device is a four sided red crystal with alchemically treated gold and black iron plates on each face. Symbols in several ancient languages adorn the plates but the crystal itself is featureless save for a second jewel at its heart.

This secondary crystalline form is an eight-sided spindle of black obsidian three inches long and one inch wide. Strangely, the obsidian needle seems to be free-floating inside the solid red crystal, moving and spinning of its own accord. When functioning, the holocron's inner spindle glows darkly and its graven symbols shed a dim, golden radiance. The artifact, when accessed, is also surrounded by a hologram of a rushing column of living flame and electricity - the "spirit" of the holocron is an animate, nameless storm.

Using the Bloodshard Holocron
The Bloodshard Holocron will not respond to characters without the Force-Sensitive and Force Mastery feats and physically bonds to one character at a time. Only the death of its current bonded wielder or that being's willing relinquishment of the artifact can allow the device to choose another user.

To use the Bloodshard Holocron, a character makes an Knowledge (Jedi or Sith Lore) check (untrained if necessary) with a -8 circumstance penalty (one for each facet of the Holocron's obsidian core) on the table below. The user may choose to add a Force bonus equal to his or her Force-using levels (+16 max). The roll may not be reduced to zero or less.

Bloodshard Holocron Knowledge Check Results
Roll The Bloodshard Holocron Will Answer
1-8 One query limited to the factual history of the Republic. Many sections, especially specific dark side or light side-related information, are still concealed. Basics of lightsaber construction explained.
9-15 One query that may include history or philosophy. Dark Force secrets still elusive, Sith history and ancient Republic records are not. More complicated lightsaber construction, including double-bladed and variable-length varieties, explored in historical terms and technical terms.
16-20 Two queries in the subjects of combat, history, and philosophy. Dark side explored with some depth, including more intensive techniques to resist its call, channel its power, or study the secrets of basic Sith Alchemy.
21-27 Two queries into combat, history, philosophy, and the dark side. As an ostensibly Sith artifact, information on the dark side is as complimentary as Jedi data, but at this level is otherwise unrestricted. Sith Alchemy is explored in depth.
28-32 Three queries, otherwise the same level of information as 21-27.
33+ Four queries, unlimited access. Note that some secrets, such as the deepest workings of the Sith or Jedi, still may not be contained in the Bloodshard Holocron.

Possession of the Bloodshard Holocron grants:
  • +2 bonus to Dark Side Force Powers and skills
  • +1 bonus to Light Side Force Powers and skills
  • One level increase to the user's Force Mastery ability (Force Mastery to Improved Force Mastery, Improved Force Mastery to High Force Mastery).
The Bloodshard Holocron is tied to the life functions of its possessor, drawing strength and vitality at a slow but constant rate. The owner of the holocron heals at only half the normal rate and all Treat Injury checks to aid the owner are made at a -5 penalty. Healing Force effects are at -1 to each die when applied to the owner.

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