Friday, December 15, 2006

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Darrus Jeht's Songsteel Sword

Appearance: A slightly curved single-edged sword with a circular hilt and a pair of short crossguards, the blade has the look of metallic black pearl and bears odd, alien symbols along its back edge. The hilt disc is a minor work of art - a stained glass rendition of a blazing comet moving in a spiral against a field of black and starlight.

Crafted, if one can call it that, from a curved piece of alien metal found in the asteroid belt of the Cularin system, this weapon generates a low, constant, musical hum when unsheathed. This property gives the metal its name (songsteel) and creates a micro-vibrational effect that grants the sword amazing cutting ability. This makes the weapon a vibro class sword but it requires no power to maintain.

Darrus has spent a great deal of time and effort perfecting his fighting style with this weapon and has learned how to focus the Force through this weapon nearly as well as he does through a lightsaber. As a result, his particular songsteel sword (there are others in and around Cularin) "sings" with greater intensity and serves as a particularly devastating extension of his combat skills.

While Master Jeht is wielding this blade, it retains its full hardness against lightsaber blows and has the same bonuses to sundering objects as a lightsaber enjoys.

Cost: priceless Availability: Unique Damage: 3d6 Critical: 19-20 Range Increment: - Weight: 1 kg Stun Damage/Fort DC: - Type: Slashing/Piercing Size: Medium Group: Vibro

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