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<--- Stats: Jeht's Lightsaber --->

Jeht's chosen Jedi weapon consists of a brushed steel, angular hilt with a matte black metal grip, forward slanting emitter hood, and a chrome shaft-guard with an opposite slant at the pommel end.

When it is activated, Jeht's lightsaber bears a dark purple blade and makes virtually no noise at all. The weapon's characteristic hum is baffled through a special modification to the emitter; this personal trait is common among weapons carried by Jedi trained in stealth.

The lightsaber's purple color comes from a Hurikann crystal given to him upon his graduation from Padawan status. This gift, coming as it did from his mentor and father figure Mace Windu, meant a lot to him and he steadfastly refused to give it (or any lightsaber made with it) up even in the face of offers of "better" weapons.

Darrus' lightsaber incorporates another crystal gained during his experiences during the Clone Wars. This rare Nexian-Va crystal causes the weapon's blade to "burn darkly", lending it its deep violet color and increasing its cutting power considerably. This does bear the drawback of making the blade less coherent against blaster fire and consumes power cells at a greatly increased rate.

Weapon: Lightsaber
Cost: Not for sale
Damage: 3D8+3 (the Nexian-Va crystal adds +1 per d8 of damage; this increases with class bonus damage dice)
Critical: 19-20
Range Increment: --
Weight: .9 kg
Stun Damage/Fort DC: --
Type: Energy
Size: Medium
Group: Exotic
Drawback: The power inherent in this weapon's dark blade also disperses the beam coherency; the wielder suffers a -5 penalty to rolls made while deflecting blaster fire.

Timeline Note: Darrus is, as of the writing of The Center Cannot Hold, without a lightsaber of any kind. His original saber (described above) was destroyed in an ambush by a disgruntled Padawan and his stunsaber (a gift he originally gave his friend Qui on Cularin) was fried beyond repair by the Lenarian Rift.

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